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7 Steps to Becoming an Artisan

7 Steps as set out by DHE to becoming an Artisan explained.Step 1: Career Development"Identity can be construed as predominantly an internal aspect linked to an individual’s perception and description of him- or herself" [6]. Social identity on the other hand "can be defined as a person’s knowle...

South African SETA List

This post is generated to provide you with a list of Seta's in South Africa as well as to outline the purpose of a Seta.The Purpose of a SETAThe main purpose of a SETA is to improve and develop skills within its sector, to identify skills development needs, and to ensure that national standards are...

CETA Discretionary Grants Now Available

Application for CETA Discretionary Grants are now open unit 15 November 2021.Contact us if you need any funding application assistance.

Agriseta - Grant Applications Now Open

Agriseta Grant Applications are now open. Please contact us to find out how we can assist you in your application.Click Here  to Access Agriseta Application - Or Visit: