Qualification Purpose

This qualification is on a learning pathway that underpins a career in the Labour Relations arena. A large number of the competencies developed in the qualification are rooted in actual workplace practice and should lead to greater productivity resulting from an improved performance by the learner through the integration of knowledge and workplace practice.

The Qualification includes but is not limited to:

  • HR practitioners.
  • Senior managers in the Bargaining Councils.
  • Department of Labour officers.
  • Labour brokers.
  • Arbitration facilitators.
  • Union officials.
  • (CCMA) Panellists and Commissioners.
  • Public and/or private agents providing labour law advice.
  • Industrial Relations consultants.Dispute Resolution managers.
Practitioners and/or organisations in the following fields would have an interest in the qualification:
  • The Commission for Conciliation, 
  • Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA).
  • The Department of Labour.
  • Labour law, labour courts (including appeal courts) and labour consultants.
  • Bargaining and statutory councils.
  • Private labour agents.
  • Public and private labour advice offices.
  • Law firms, particularly labour lawyers.
  • Commercial organisations.

Qualifying learners will be able to:

  1. Communicate information effectively using means appropriate to the context.
  2. Facilitate and manage different parties through a smooth and fair negotiation process within the South African legal framework.
  3. Identify and manage labour disputes and issues for negotiation using organisational core and non-core standard processes.
  4. Consider and apply appropriate core specialised functions to the identified issues for negotiation, using organisational procedures.
  5. Identify, interpret and apply appropriate legislation to labour-related issues identified for negotiation.
  6. Consider and implement non-core specialised functions to the identified issues for negotiation, using organisational procedures. 

SAQA Alignment

NQF: 5
Qual ID: 48641 

Credicts: 121