Keys to Life provides the working student with the opportunity to gain a kick start in life, by providing them with the necessary motivation, support, knowledge, skills and attitude to succeed in the working world whilst studying.

The Keys to Life is designed to assist the working student through the transition of becoming an adult, realising opportunities and making informed decisions about their lives, enabling them to move forward, regardless of their past. It helps the working student to establish themselves in the world of work whilst completing their degree. 

Moreover, it also helps in integration of the working student into the mainstream of economic activities through self-realisation, development, motivation, guidance, support and application.

Programme Benefits 

  • Enhances youth prospects of gaining employment and promoting sustainability.
  • Nurtures youth to become accountable, responsible and balanced.
  • Strengthens youth’s capabilities that will enable them to take charge of their own life and well-being.
  • Identifies and introduces employment and networking opportunities.
  • Inspires the youth to become entrepreneurs, helping them to grow successful businesses and in so create even more jobs.
  • Strengthens their leadership abilities, helping them to improve themselves and others.
  • Reduces the unemployment rate and strengthens the economy.
  • Promotes social cohesion and building the skills base from which accelerated educational growth and development can be launched. 
  • Closes the educational gap through identifying skills shortages and assisting with the planning and implementation of bridging and skills courses needed to advance within their careers.
  • Helps to identify recognition of prior learning - providing the youth with opportunities to gain recognition for experience gained through life.
  • Identifies paths to further education and career options – vertically as well horizontal Supports the Training Provider, Host Employer and learner throughout the process of learnership implementation ensuring the success of the programme.
  • Provides the learner with a programme to follow before the learnership starts so that they may not become lost.
  • Provide the learner an opportunity to become absorbed even though they might not gainimmediate employment.