The purpose of this Qualification is to ensure that practitioners are able to screen and identify for potential barriers and strengths, facilitate and support learning activities, differentiate curriculum including assessment tools, adapt learning and teaching support materials including assistive devices and e-learning, and assist with making the environment conducive to learning. The Qualification will also enable practitioners to consult collaboratively with relevant internal and external service providers.

Furthermore, the Qualification provides access to learning and career opportunities for professionals including teachers (educators) who want to specialise in inclusion. It also provides opportunties for learners who wish to progress and access further learning at NQF Level 6. This Qualification will not confer learners/practitioners with educator status on qualifying.

Exit Outcomes:

  • Collaborating with relevant stakeholders and support services to improve learning site practice.
  • Facilitating inclusive learning programmes and developing support programmes.
  • Supporting and guiding learning in inclusive settings to promote learner wellness.
  • Screening for potential barriers and strengths.
  • Assessing the learner needs in order to determine the required level of support.
  • Facilitating accessibility to an enabling inclusive learning environment.
  • Managing administrative functions.

Minimum credits: 140