This qualification has been developed to assist with standardisation across the building industry. The qualification will allow the qualified multi-skilled practitioner to register as a community house builder and provides a solid foundation for future career advancement across similar qualifications in the construction industry, including supervisory and management qualifications within the sector.

The primary skills that are recognised in this qualification relate to a range of limited technical skills that are required to build a house of basic design. The learner will also have a basic understanding of the construction industry and how he or she is expected to operate within the legislative, safety and quality systems that govern the workplace.

Exit outcomes:

  • Apply screeds to concrete floors.
  • Measure, cut and fit glass into wood and steel frames in accordance with specified dimensions.
  • Prepare, prime and paint internal and external surfaces.
  • Build, connect, clad and erect timber frame walls and install appropriate insulation where required.
  • Erect ceilings and install appropriate insulation where required.

Minimum credits: 124