This qualification forms part of a set of three qualifications namely National Certificate in Construction - Roadworks - NQF Levels 1 to 3 and the selection of unit standards at the various levels must be done in such a way that the learner achieves the required level of specialization as required by the Industry in which the learner operates.

The introduction of a National Certificate in Construction at level 3, based on unit standards will allow learners to develop skills required in the Construction Industry. The stream or context in which the learner will apply the generic construction competence forms part of the qualification title - in this case - Roadworks - indicating the area of specialization at this level. This qualification is for persons who work or intend to work within a construction context on a site, and who seek recognition for essential skills in construction operations in roadworks.

Exit outcomes:

  • Communicate in a road construction environment (verbally, writing, signs)
  • Use mathematics in a road construction environment (calculate quantities, set out work)
  • Conduct general construction activities (use and maintain small plant)
  • Conduct roadworks construction activities (as reflected in unit standard elected)
  • Perform supplementary roadworks construction activities

Minimum credits: 155