Qualifying learners will be able to integrate their knowledge, understanding and competencies related to occupational health and safety, National Building Regulations and industry codes of practice to perform a range of plumbing activities.

The achievement of this qualification will contribute to the development of those learners who have not had the benefit of formal education and training in that it provides formal recognition for knowledge and skills acquired through extensive workplace experience. Learners who have achieved this qualification will be able to access further learning opportunities and enhance their prospects for sustainable employment within the construction industry. For new entrants, this Qualification describes the learning outcomes required to participate effectively in a structured work environment. Employers will be able to use this Qualification as the source for identifying skills needs and appropriate training interventions. Providers of education and training will be able to use this Qualification in the design and development of appropriate outcomes based learning materials, assessment guides and related assessment tools. Completion of this qualification relates to the Organising Framework for Occupations (OFO) in that it reflects the competencies of occupational designation 334101 Plumber (General)

Exit Outcomes:

  • Identify and solve problems with practical mathematical applications.
  • Communicate in verbal or written form with peers, members of supervisory/management levels and others.
  • Apply understanding of the functioning of plumbing systems to install, test and maintain them in a built environment.
  • Apply fault finding techniques to diagnose and repair installed plumbing systems.

Minimum credits: 160