This qualification will form the basis for learners to extend their learning into more specialised areas of plant production and provides the basis of the establishment of sustainable farming operations through the inclusion of a wide spectrum of competencies required by farmers in South Africa.

A learner assessed as competent against this qualification will have the necessary competence to supervise and lead a working team performing the agricultural processes as applicable to plant husbandry. Furthermore, the learner will be able to take responsible decisions based on a sound understanding of the basic principles of agri-business and good agricultural practices, in meeting the set objectives and targets within the broader farm plan which includes the economical application of general resources, agricultural production and technical knowledge and skills. The learner will also be able to adhere to and implement according to the level of supervision as well as the relevant quality, safety and hygiene standards as applicable within the industry.

In addition, they will be well positioned to extend their learning and practice into other areas of agricultural commodities within a context of either agronomy, or horticulture as applicable to the agricultural commodity, or to strive towards agricultural management standards and practice at higher levels.

Exit Outcomes:

  • Recognise, interpret and report on a range of deviations during the data collection process.
  • Determine viability of agri-business.
  • Identify and describe the physiological processes and anatomical structures of a plant.
  • Monitor and co-ordinate the harvesting of crops.
  • Monitor and supervise the manipulation of plants by applying a broad range of techniques.

Qual ID: 49052
NQF Level: 3
Credits: 120