Accredited National Diploma

payroll administration


Qual ID: 67229


2 Years Minimum

Credits 240


Blended Learning


Portfolio of Evidence
Final Summative

The National Diploma in Payroll Administration Services: NQF Level 5 is designed to meet the needs of those learners who are already involved, or wish to become involved, in the field of Payroll Administration. It is applicable to employed and unemployed learners. It is particularly suited to those learners who are performing Payroll tasks, in commercial and non-commercial organisations across the entire spectrum, but have not had the opportunity to obtain a formal Qualification beyond NQF level 4.

The Core component contains competencies in Payroll Administration, General Administration, Human Resources and Project Management. The Elective component allows the learner to gain specialist knowledge, skills and insight in the areas of Payroll Administration, Project Management, Human Resources, aspects of Financial Services and organisational research.

Payroll Administration is an essential field of learning as the competencies required by people doing Payroll administrative tasks are generic in nature and apply to all businesses in all sectors and to many non-business organisations such as sports and cultural clubs and the like.

Payroll Administration is done at various levels depending upon the nature and size of the organization and its management structure. People involved in Payroll Administration are known by such terms as Payroll Administrators, Payroll Clerks, Wage and Salary Clerks, Payroll Supervisors and Payroll Managers, depending on the organisation in which they are employed. There is therefore an on-going need for highly skilled Payroll administration personnel and a need for a well-developed learning pathway to cater for Payroll administrative personnel at the various levels at which they operate, especially since it is becoming a specialised profession in its own right in South Africa.

The National Diploma in Payroll Administration Services at NQF: Level 5 is the second Qualification in a learning pathway that starts at NQF level 4 and ends with the National Diploma in Payroll Administration Level 5. It is planned to develop higher diplomas and degrees in Payroll Administration at levels 6, 7, and 8 as the final steps in the learning pathway and investigations are being undertaken into overseas degrees in this field so that benchmarking from an international perspective is undertaken.

The National Diploma in Payroll Administration Services at NQF: Level 5 supports the objectives of the NQF in that it gives the learner access to a registered Qualification.

The Qualification also offers learners the opportunity to have the knowledge and skills that they have developed in the workplace recognised through the awarding of a registered qualification, either in whole or in part. It will ensure that the quality of education and training in the sub-field is enhanced and of a world-class standard. The Qualification will allow learners not only to develop their knowledge and skills in the field of Administration but will also enable them to benchmark their competence against international standards. 

Learners accessing this qualification are assumed to be competent in:

  1. Computer Literacy at NQF level 4
  2. Mathematical Literacy at NQF level 4
  3. Communications at NQF level 4.

This qualification are for those who are involved in:

  • Payroll Administration
  • Financial Administration
  • Data Capturing and Processing
  • Organisational Research
  • General Administration
  • Business Administration
  • Generic Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Project Management
  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Entrepreneurs

Courses linked to the Qualification

Course 1

Manage the payroll function

This course will allow you to develop, present, and implement a plan for the payroll cycle that includes annual and monthly cycles. Further learn how to conduct a needs analysis, develop and implement a business plan for the payroll function, and record the documents developed and the actions taken.

Manage the payroll function

4 lessons - 330 hours - 33 Credits
View Course

Course 2

Basic Conditions of Employment and Ethical Requirements

This course will allow you to report on your organisation’s compliance with the requirements relating to substantive conditions of employment, as well as the application of business ethics and the Code of Professional Conduct for Payroll Administrators.

Basic Conditions of Employment and Ethical Requirements

3 lessons - 200 hours - 20 Credits
View Course

Course 3

Ascertain gross pay

This course will allow you to process the redundancy documents of at least two employees who have different circumstances affecting their gross pay

Ascertain gross pay

4 lessons - 400 hours - 40 Credits
View Course

Course 4

Track payments on the human resource information system

This course will allow you to compile payslips with different employment circumstances and financial packages.

Track payments on the human resource information system

3 lessons - 510 hours - 51 Credits
View Course

Course 5

Manage customer service relationships

This course will allow you to manage customer requirements and needs, manage customer relationships, as well as to measure customer service impact.

Manage customer service relationships

2 lessons -200 hours - 20 Credits
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Course 6

Manage staff in the payroll function

This course will allow you to manage and measure payroll team performance. You will also learn how to recruit and induct as well as coach and mentor a new employee.

Manage staff in the payroll function

3 lessons - 230 hours - 23 Credits
View Course

Course 7

Process financial data

This course will allow you to recognise, measure, classify and record financial and non-financial data using accounting-related information technology.

Process financial data

3 lessons - 210 hours - 21 Credits
View Course

Course 8

Complete year-end procedures

This course will allow you to complete year-end procedures as well as draft financial statements.

Complete year-end procedures

2 lessons - 520 hours -52 Credits
View Course

Course 9

Manage payroll projects

This course will allow you to conduct project documentation management to support project processes as well as identify, plan, organise, coordinate and manage projects from beginning to end.

Manage payroll projects

5 lessons - 270 hours - 27 Credits
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