Accredited National Certificate

Plastics Manufactoring



Qual ID: 20888


1 Year Minimum

Credits 122


Blended Learning


Portfolio of Evidence
Final Summative

The purpose of the qualification is to provide learners, education and training providers and employers with the standards and the range of learning required to satisfy the challenges of participating effectively in the plastics manufacturing industry.

For those who have been in the workplace for a long time, this qualification can be used in the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process to assess and recognise workplace skills acquired without the benefit of formal education or training.

For the new entrant, this qualification describes the learning outcomes (the skills, knowledge and values) required to effectively participate in a structured workplace.

For education and training providers, this qualification provides guidance for the development of appropriate learning programmes. For employers, this qualification enables skills gaps to be identified and programmes to close skills gaps to be developed, and acts as an external benchmark for fulfilling the criteria of national and international quality standards such as ISO 9000:2000.

This qualification recognises the skills, knowledge and values acquired by learners involved in monitoring high-volume plastics manufacturing processes and working in enterprises which use such processes.

The chief skills that are recognised in this qualification are recognising and responding to changes that happen during the production process. This capability requires an understanding of quality requirements and of the conversion process. Hand skills play a small role in this qualification.

Qualified learners will also understand:

  • the basics of how a business functions
  • their role in the business, i.e. in production and related activities
  • how they are affected by legislation, regulations, agreements and policies related to their particular work environment.


This qualification assumes learners have a General Education and Training Certificate at NQF level 1, or alternatively, ABET qualifications.

  • Plastics Factory Worker
  • Plastics Manufacturer
  • Those looking to enter into the market

Courses linked to the Qualification

Course 1

Communication Literacy

This course will allow you to communicate effectively in the workplace.

Communication Literacy

6 lessons - 370 hours 37 credits
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Course 2

Mathematical literacy

This course will allow you to apply mathematical skills to the workplace.

Mathematical litracy

6 lessons - 220 hours 22 credits
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Course 3

Basics of Business

This course will allow you to understand your role in the business as well as allow you to work effectively in a team.

Basics of Business

2 lessons -80 hours 8 credits
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Course 4

The Manufacturing Process and the quality Requirements

This course will allow you to follow quality, safety and environmental procedures effectively

The Manufacturing Process and the quality Requirements

4 lessons - 850 hours - 85 credits
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Course 5

Managing Tools and Equipment

This course will allow you to manage tools and equipment safely.

Managing Tools and Equipment

4 lessons -260 hours 26 credits
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