This qualification is intended to equip present and potential School Business Administrators to fulfil a range of roles previously undertaken by the school principal and/or senior members of teaching staff. It provides a framework for recognizing professional practice in school management which impacts the school and broader community. The qualification will provide for the recognition of leadership, administrative and management skills and associated professional knowledge necessary for envisaged new roles in revised school structures. A key feature of the required competence for future school business administrators will be the performance as a reflective practitioner. The qualification aims at supporting and promoting catalytic change at both personal and organisational level.

This qualification responds directly to a need identified in the Department of Education for School Business Administrators to adopt revised approaches to school business administration. The qualification recognizes and makes provision for learners at different stages in their career development. Some will be experienced business administrators who wish to consolidate and extend their skills in particular areas, some will be comparatively inexperienced, seeking to extend their skills in a number of areas, some may be new and potential business managers, perhaps with experience in a related profession, who are seeking to transfer those skills to the new context of the School Business Administration.

Exit outcomes:

  • Communicate with clients in two South African languages.
  • Administer and manage school resources and financial management operations for a specified site or sites.
  • Apply principles of risk management in managing school resources to promote an efficient and effective learning environment.
  • Contribute to the administration and management of school human resources operations to promote an efficient and effective learning environment.
  • Administer and manage the school resources and facilities management operations to promote an efficient and effective learning environment

Minimum credits: 136