The National Diploma in EETDP (Level 5) will prepare learners to function independently as entry-level environmental education practitioners. It will apply in particular to unqualified environmental education practitioners working in environmental education centres (e.g. volunteers, interns and part-time guides), and to people employed primarily in fields other than education, but who may develop an environmental education role in the workplace, e.g. field rangers, outreach officers, interpretative officers.

People accredited with this qualification will be able to design, plan, implement, evaluate and improve on a variety of environmental learning programmes. The candidate will be able to design new, original and innovative learning support materials to enrich the learning experience. People qualified at this level will make a meaningful contribution to environmental change through an educational response to environmental issues and risks in a range of contexts and workplaces. They may also be able to function as teachers' aides or environmental education specialists in formal education settings like schools.

Exit outcomes:

  • Design, organise and critically evaluate an original environmental learning programme
  • Critically evaluate a range of environmental learning programmes in different contexts
  • Develop original learning support materials for an environmental learning programme
  • Analyse a range of environmental issues and propose appropriate educational responses for different contexts
  • Take action to address an environmental issue
  • Manage a learning environmental appropriately for a learner group
  • Develop learning programmes to enhance participation of learners with special needs
  • Participate in and contribute to an environmental education network, committee or working group.

Minimum credits: 240