This qualification provides learners with a comprehensive base of portable skills that will enable them to progress within all spheres of the horticultural industry. This qualification forms an integral step in the career paths of the various disciplines in ornamental horticulture and follows on from the NQF Level 2 Certificate.

Furthermore, this qualification includes the skills necessary to monitor and maintain health and safety in the horticultural industry while addressing the nutritional needs of plants, controlling common pests in the horticultural environment, attending to the basic maintenance of grassed areas and shaping plants to promote flowering. In addition, this qualification provides the opportunity for the learner at level 3 to become conversant with the application of supervisory management principles in the industry.

Exit Outcomes:

  • Distinguish the various internal structures of ornamental plants.
  • Identify and correct nutrient deficiencies in ornamental plants.
  • Identify and control the pests that commonly occur in the landscape environment.
  • Perform the mowing and de-thatching of sportsturf or landscaped grass areas.
  • Utilise the various pruning practices to encourage the flowering of ornamental plants.

Qual ID: 66649
NQF Level: 3
Credits: 120