Accredited National Certificate

Labour Relations Practice


Qual ID: 93993
LP 48641


1 Year Minimum

Credits 121


Blended Learning


Portfolio of Evidence
Final Summative

This Qualification is the second step in a learning pathway that underpins a career in the Labour Relations arena. A large number of the competencies developed in the Qualification are rooted in actual workplace practice and should lead to greater productivity resulting from the improved performance by the learner, due to the integration of the knowledge mastered with workplace practice.

The Certificate in Labour Relations Practice: NQF Level 5, is designed to meet the needs of learners who are already employed and involved in the fields of Labour Relations and/or Labour Law. Additionally, however, it will also meet the needs and aspirations of the youth and unemployed who wish to pursue a career in the Labour Relations and associated fields, or in other fields where this learning may be useful. This includes adult learners who want to enter the sector or develop their careers in one or more of the related sub-fields. This Qualification would also be relevant to many Human Resources (HR) Practitioners. Since the Certificate is part of a learning pathway, it will offer mobility to persons operating at any level in the field.

The Qualification provides learners with a background in Labour Law. This will enable them to understand the South African Labour Relations field and will underpin their ability to use this learning in various business environments. The development of competence in this field will lead to better service delivery, company longevity, the promotion of wealth and job creation. Application of the learning achieved in completing this Qualification will also assist employed and unemployed persons to enforce their labour rights, while at the same time enabling them to become aware of their obligations.

The Qualification recognises the fact that knowledge and the application of Labour Legislation is a business imperative, necessary for the success of any organisation, both strategically and operationally. This Certificate is thus designed to enable individuals to develop the theoretical competencies and the practical skills to operate effectively in the field.

  1. Grade 12
  2. NQF 4 
  • HR practitioners.
  • Senior managers in the Bargaining Councils.
  • Department of Labour officers.
  • Labour brokers.
  • Arbitration facilitators.
  • Union officials.
  • (CCMA) Panellists and Commissioners.
  • Public and/or private agents providing labour law advice.
  • Industrial Relations consultants.
  • Dispute Resolution managers.
  • Case Management Officers – Bargaining Councils
  • CCMA case management officials
  • Dispute Resolution Call Centre Agents

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Course 2

Labour Relations

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Course 3

Case Management

This course will allow you to understand and apply various Acts and Legislative requirements for the purpose of labour relations.

Case Management

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Course 4

HR Management Practice

This course will allow you to understand and apply team management and Human Resource Development Legislation when working with labour relations.

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