Accredited General Education and Training Certificate

Hygiene and Cleaning


Qual ID: 57937


1 Year

Credits 132


Blended Learning


Portfolio of Evidence
Final Summative

 The primary purpose of this qualification is to develop in a learner, the foundational, practical and reflexive competencies required for a career in the Hygiene & Cleaning Services Industry. 

Central to the qualification is the development of a culture of quality service and professionalism in a cleaning services environment. This qualification intends to produce cleaners who can find gainful employment in the cleaning industry. 

This qualification will enable learners to access learning in a related field (e.g. Hospitality, Health Care, Wholesale and Retail, Food Production or Manufacturing etc), or a related branch of cleaning (e.g. Industrial, Hospital, Car Wash, Dry Cleaning and Laundry, Garden Services, Aircraft Cleaning or Textile Cleaning etc.). 

The range of typical learners will include cleaners, team leaders, supervisors, temporary or relief cleaners and emerging entrepreneurs who currently, or who aspire, to operate in the cleaning industry at large. 

It is recognised that Cleaning is a ‘feeder’ industry from which learners can move into other related sectors. 

  • Cleaner.
  • Laundry assistant.
  • Car wash attendant.
  • Garden services.
  • Relief cleaner.
  • Room attendants.
  • Ward hostess.
  • Domestic worker.
  • Sculler.

Courses linked to the Qualification

Course 1

Organisational Skills

This course will allow you to manage yourself effectively in life as well as in a workplace setting.

Organisational Skills

7 lessons - 310 hours
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Course 2

Health and Safety

This course will allow you to understand monitor, implement and manage compliance to safety, health and environmental requirements in a workplace.

Health and Safety

4 lessons - 90 hours 9 Credits
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Course 3

Basic Principles of Cleaning

This course will allow you to understand the basic principles of cleaning, use chemicals in the cleaning services environment as well as manage waste.

Basic Principles of Cleaning

3 lessons - 240 hours 24 Credits
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Course 4

General Cleaning Principles

This course will allow you to apply cleaning principles for different surfaces and in different environments.

General Cleaning Principles

6 lessons - 450 hours 45 Credits
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Course 5

Communication Literacy

This course will allow you to understand and apply communication skills in life and in the workplace.

Communication Literacy

4 lessons - 230 hours 23 Credits
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Course 7

Mathematical Literacy

This course will allow you to understand and apply mathematical skills in life and in the workplace.

Mathematical Literacy

4 lessons - 160 hours 16 Credits
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