R638-2018- New Food Hygiene and Safety Regulation

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R638-Food Hygiene and safety Regulatory

Course Overview

By completing this course you will be able understand and apply the regulations as set out in the Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act (54/1972): Regulations governing general hygiene requirements for food premises, the transport of food and related matters.

SAQA Outline

This course is not SAQA Aligned as no such Unit Standard Exists

Course Outcomes

After you have completed this course you will be able to:
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the purpose and primary objectives, application and interpretation of the R638
  •  Understand the requirements of receiving your “certificate of acceptability” as an establishment that prepares and sells food to consumers.
  •  Understand and apply your duties as a food handler.
  •  Understand the requirements of equipment, storage and facilities of an establishment that prepares and sells food to consumer.
  •  Understand and apply the hygiene requirements that must be adhered to as set out in the regulation.

Entry Level Requirements

There are no entry level requirements for this course

How to complete this course

You will be required to register online by signing up using your email and creating a password. Please ensure that you provide your full name and surname on your online profile for your Certificate of Completion to print out correctly.


Once you have received your letter of enrolment, you will be able to login into your course.  

You will be able to follow the lessons and topics online. You will also be required to complete activities and assignments after you have completed each lesson. 

You will not be required to complete a portfolio of evidence for this course. You will however be required to complete an online assessment and achieve an 80% Pass Mark in order to receive your certificate.

There will no class attendance necessary for this course.

  • Certificate of Completion – Once you have completed the course online successfully.