Those completing this course will be able to identify the need for capital and how to collect data to record income and different costs in an agri-business. He/she will understand the utilization of a simple record-keeping system in order to make basic managerial decisions. 

Learners will understand the importance of the application of business principles in agricultural production with specific reference to agricultural financial support. 

They will be able to operate farming practices as businesses and will gain the knowledge and skills to move from a subsistence orientation to an economic orientation in agriculture. Farmers will gain the knowledge and skills to access mainstream agriculture through a business-orientated approach to agriculture. 

Unit Standard ID:  116159 

Unit Standard Title: Identify the need for capital and understand the need for the recording of the income and different costs in an agri-business 

NQF Level: 1

Credits: 2

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Study Pathway

This course forms part of the following qualifications:

National Certificate: Animal Production 

National Certificate: Mixed Farming Systems 

National Certificate: Plant Production 


Once you have completed this course you will be specifically be able to:

  • Describe the need for investment capital, where it can be acquired and how it can be categorised within an agri-business.
  • Explain the flow of money in an agric-business. 
  • Describe the flow of costs in an agri-business. 
  • Identify the basic components of financial information and record keeping system and the basic administration procedures regarding source documents. 
  • Provide inputs to a simple record keeping system for an agri-business, and be able to extract managerial information from it. 

In order for you to enter this course the following learning should be in place:

  • No learning is assumed.
  • Computer literate

Classroom Based: 

  • Contact Phase: 1 day
  • Preparation of POE & Summative Assessment: up to 4 weeks.

Online Training: 

  • Online learning will take at least 4 weeks to complete each lesson. You will be required to complete an online test after you have completed each lesson.
  • Preparation of POE & Summative Assessment: up to 6 weeks.

You will receive two certificates. The first certificate will be issued to you via online and is printable once you have completed the online course as well as the formative assessment provided to you online. 

You will be required to download and print this certificate together with the portfolio of evidence guide, as well as your assignments which has to be completed and signed by you. This must be sent to us for assessment and verification.

On successful completion and acceptance of the Portfolio of Evidence and Summative Assessment the results will be submitted to the relevant SETA/ETQ for verification, once the SETA/ETQ has endorsed the results you will be issued with a statement of results as well as a certificate of competence, which will then be your second certificate.

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