Mentorship and Coaching Course

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Course Overview

This course is intended to define the competencies of those who work with learners after training/facilitation, and possibly assessment, has happened. This course is intended to deal with that kind of training/facilitation that moves a person from a relatively generic skill in their area of learning, to direct application within a particular context or work environment.

This course is intended for a range of people, including managers, supervisors, mentors, operators who may not be ETD specialists, but who know the job/application, and are able to help people move from a generic skill to a particular application within the workplace.

This course is not meant to be just about inducting a person into their job, rather, it is about actual training in the particular application after a person has already developed the core skills involved.

SAQA Outline

Unit Standard ID: 252035

Unit Standard Title: Select and coach first-line manager

NQF Level: 5

Credits: 8

Course Outcomes

After you have completed this course you will be able to:

  • Understand how coaching and mentoring can be used to develop your team
  • Develop the coaching and mentorship skills that help improve individual performance
  • Understand the difference between mentorship and coaching
  • Demonstrate the behaviours and practices of an effective coach and mentor
  • Recognize employees’ strengths and give them the feedback they need to succeed
  • Identify employee problems and ways you can help to correct them
    Orientating a learner into the application of their skills within a workplace context
  • Guiding learners towards the competent application of their skills within a workplace context.
  • Assessing learner performance in the workplace context.
  • Reviewing facilitation processes in the workplace context.

Entry Level Requirements

To enter this course you will be required to have completed Grade 12 or NQF 4 or equivalent.