This course focuses on assisting SHE persons in recording, reporting and investigating injuries and diseases at work. It also helps the ordinary employee in understanding safety and his/her rights in the event of an injury or death at work. Issues like compensation , negligence and criteria for compensation are included in this course.

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Communication Strategies

This course will allow you to effectively produce and respond to accessible written and oral communication within the workplace. You will also be able to use communication strategies and systems effectively and in a supportive manner within the workplace.

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Internship Introduction Course

This course will allow you to effectively conduct yourself as a professional employee, allowing others to be able work with you, ensuring that you work together as a team in achieving organisational goals. This course will teach you the basic skills you need to be effective and confident when entering a workplace or new job as well as carry out your tasks effectively.

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Mentorship And Coaching

This course is intended to define the competencies of those who work with learners after training/facilitation, and possibly assessment, has happened. It intends to deal with that kind of training/facilitation that moves a person from a relatively generic skill in their area of learning, to direct application within a particular context or work environment.

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Leadership Theories

This course introduces the concept of leadership and leadership theories as well as discusses the difference between leadership and management .

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Project Planning and Management

The project planning and control course will allow you to plan, implement, execute and monitor your projects from beginning to start effectively.

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R638-2018- New Food Hygiene and Safety Regulation

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Income and Costing in an Agri-Business

This course will allow you to identify the need for capital and how to collect data to record income and different costs in an agri-business.

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