Accredited General Education and Training Certificate

Business Practice



Qual ID: 61755


1 Year Minimum

Credits 121


Blended Learning


Portfolio of Evidence
Final Summative

This General Education and Training Certificate: Business Practice is for utilisation by all members of the population. Anyone preparing to become employed, or self-employed, in any business whatsoever would be the persons most likely to be attracted to this qualification. In fact many newly (or not-so-newly) appointed personnel, or struggling entrepreneurs, could benefit from part or all of this qualification. It seeks to embed the six key literacies required by business organisations: Numeracy, Literacy, Entrepreneurial, Financial, Technological and Cognitive.

The GETC: Business Practice integrates the literacies into one qualification while also allowing each to be addressed separately in short courses and skills programmes, based on the constituent unit standards.

Furthermore, this Certificate allows a seamless movement into the New Venture Creation learning way, thus providing bridging between South Africa’s First and second Economies.

The Fundamental Component of the qualification enables learners to communicate and work with figures in a business environment, while the Core component offers empowerment in the areas of technology, life orientation, human and social sciences (customer service), economics and management (entrepreneurship), as well as cognition theory and practice. The qualification is aimed particularly at entry level personnel, including those that operate their own business or are part owners in a business. It provides grounding in the key business essentials, while offering a range of elective choices which assist in preparing learners for the world of work.

The GETC would also suit non-entrepreneurs as it offers all the grounding required for operating in the business environment in South Africa.

The learner successfully completing this qualification will have gained the knowledge and ability to:

  • Use fundamental skills in a business environment.
  • Make appropriate use of Information and Communications Technology in an office setting.
  • Incorporate a range of life skills in an employment or self-employment situation.

The learner will also develop some entrepreneurial and business knowledge coupled with correct business attitudes.

As this is an NQF Level 1 qualification, and therefore the starting point of a career and of training and development in various industries, no formal learning is assumed to be in place.

  • School Leavers
  • Administration
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Management

Courses linked to the Qualification

Course 1

Life Orientation

This course will allow you to understand and apply good hygiene and grooming habits as well as present yourself professionally in the workplace.

Life Orientation

7 lessons - 430 hours 43 Credits
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Course 2

Health and Safety

This course will allow you to manage health and safety at the workplace.

Health and Safety

2 lessons - 60 hours 6 Credits
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Course 3

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

This course will allow you to understand and apply entrepreneurial skills effectively.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

6 lessons - 210 hours 21 Credits
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Course 4

Customer Service and Marketing

This course will allow you to understand and apply customer services and effective marketing strategies in the workplace.

Customer Service and Marketing

2 lessons - 80 hours 8 Credits
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Course 5

End User Computing

This course will allow you to understand and apply basic computer skills effectively.

End User Computing

6 lessons -230 hours 23 Credits
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Course 6

Communication Literacy

This course will allow you to use effective communication skills.

Mathematical Literacy

4 lessons -230 hours 23 Credits
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Course 7

Communication Literacy

This course will allow you to use effective mathematical skills.

Communication Literacy

4 lessons - 230 hours 23 Credits
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